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The easiest and fastest way to find your dream job and to find the right people with the right skills.

May your search for a job be even shorter than your resume...

Our Goal

Our goal is to make everything easier to find a job or search for the right candidate with the right skills.

Resume (CV)

Jobseekers will create their online resume and can modify it any time. Companies and Start-Ups will have access to all Jobseekers profile and also read their resumes to be able to find the good candidate.

Video Resume (CV)

By making a video resume, Jobseekers will show their ambition, determination and motivation for the job. Jobseekers will also increase the chance to get their dream job. In another hand, the video resume will make more easier for Companies and Start-Ups to quickly make their selection of the right candidates.

Job Offers & Networking

Here Jobseekers will find different job offers posted by Companies and Start-Ups. Jobseekers will also be able to share with Companies and Start-Ups their recent project's experience they have realized. Short video about each Company and Start-Ups will be published.

Who We Are

Base on our own experience, due to the fact that we care about job seekers and job offers. We are JHN (Jobs Hunters network) the company which want to make the process of finding the right job and finding the right candidate with the right skills more easier and faster.
With JHN (Jobs Hunters Network), we don't want anymore that job seekers spend a lot of time writing and uploading their resume on the net. We also don't want anymore that job offer spend plenty of their time on selecting the right candidate.

That is why JHN (Jobs Hunters Network) is the ideal platform where everything happen and make the search process easy and faster for you.


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Digital Marketing

Join us now and have a great time

By working with JHN (Jobs Hunters Network) you will be surprised how easy and fast it is to find your dream job or to find your dream candidate with the right skills